Average Ledger Balance Calculator

Average Ledger Balance Calculator

Questions about what an average ledger balance is and how it is calculated have been asked. The answer to the first question is that an average ledger balance is usually associated with a business or corporation. The average ledger balance is the account’s average ending balance during the month.

To calculate the average ledger balance, you simply take the total balance at the end of each day during the month, then divide by the number of days in the month. This concept is exactly the same as a credit card’s average daily balance (ADB).

If you want to calculate your average ledger balance, then our average daily balance calculator can be used as a average ledger balance calculator as well.

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Enter the number of days within your ledgers’s month then enter the balance at the end of each day. The average ledger balance will automatically calculate and display.

Days in Billing Cycle
Average Daily Balance $

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